About this social media content

I designed these social media posts because what is was available was disappointing to me. I have created 365 social media posts that, for the most part, are meant to spur post engagement.


All of the posts were designed with Facebook pages and groups in mind. However, most of them work just as well for other platforms as well. The main issue is with Instagram. Some of the posts ask for the audience to share photos, which Instagram does not allow. Personally, I still post them and direct the viewer to my Facebook page for interaction.

So, what’s in there? There are posts the ask for selfies, posts for “Venting” days, get to know you posts, humorous inspiration, games and activities, fun fact Fridays, favorite things, what’s making you happy, and a few more! There is a large variety, and very few backgrounds are repeated. Note, some of the games or contests state there is a prize. Make this whatever you wish (studio credit etc.), but I always had a small gift card in mind.


I priced these quite affordably. Each month is only $15, 6 months is $62.50, and with the code FULLYEAR, the entire year is only $100! You have to purchase both halves of the year.