Why do we need a muse?

You will be an inspiration to other women to try a boudoir session. It is our belief that all women should benefit from boudoir photography and the confidence, strength, and excitement that it can provide. We are looking for every day women; daring and bold women of all body types and skin colors. 

What does it mean?

As a muse for Venus Photography, you will be our voice, a cheerleader. You will be an integral part of spreading our message that a boudoir shoot is an uplifting, confidence building experience for women. A muse will believe that all women should feel confident and empowered and should inspire women experience a boudoir session.

What we are looking for:

            Let’s get the basic requirements out of the way! As a muse, you must be:

  • 21-55 years old woman living in the Omaha area.
  • We are looking for positive, outgoing, extroverted, and body positive people that believe all women should benefit from what a boudoir shoot has to offer.
  • You must be excited to share your fabulous boudoir photos with the world.
  • Strong social media presence. Are you a social media butterfly? A muse must be active on social media. Strong Facebook and Instagram accounts are a must and an active Twitter account is a plus. As a muse, you will be a voice for Venus Photography. You must have awesome social networking skills to show off your images and get more women to experience boudoir photography. The more you do, the great the reward!
  • You MUST be willing to sign a complete model release.
  • You must be comfortable posing in lingerie and possibly for fine art nude photographs.

What you will receive.

The candidates that are chosen will receive at least two boudoir shoots in 2017. These sessions will be complete sessions with professional hair and makeup styling. For each person that you recommend Venus Photography to that completes a session, you will receive commissions for referrals. 

**NOTE   Submissions will be closed on February 7, 2018..