A Little About Joe

I'm sarcastic. Probably a little too much, and if you ask my wife, at the wrong times. But I don't think so.


It makes me happy when one one of my children asks me to turn up a song that was written before I was in high school. Some of their recent favorites are The Rolling Stones, old Aerosmith, and The Black Crows. 

First and foremost, I am a husband and father of four. For most of my time, I am a stay at home dad, slowly being driven crazy by my four wonderful children. I like reading to them and I despise Legos (they hurt so bad in the middle of the night). I like to play blocks and build towers and I live in a sea of discarded string cheese and fruit snack wrappers. I cook wonderful meals that are not eaten. Iā€™m pretty sure my kids are 32% hot dog, 44% chicken nugget, and the rest carrots and ranch.

Mixed in there somewhere is my love of photography and the effect it can have on people. Photography is one of the few ways that we can relive our experiences with ourselves as the subjects. Photographs have taken on a meaningless convenience in our society. And that is a shame, because photos are supposed to lead us to a place of fond memories and emotional response. That is what I try to achieve with my photography.